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Pinetree Lake • February 2015

Maple Lake • July 2015

Manitou Lake • June 2015

North Tea Lake [West Arm] • May 2015

Carcajou Bay [Grand Lake - Achray] • May 2015

Lookout Trail • January 2015

Tim River • July 2015

Mubwayaka Lake • August 2015

Rain Lake • September 2015

Lake Louisa • October 2015

Canisbay Lake • Halloween 2015

Smoke Lake • November 2015

March Hare Lake • January 2016

Trekking along Little McCauley Lake • February 2016

Icefall, Bat Lake Trail • March 2016

Paddling Hailstorm Creek • May 2016

The Brent Run • June 2016

Amable du Fond River • July 2016

Morning Mist, Red Pine Bay • September 2016

Scorch Lake • October 2016

Afternoon Campfire • November 2016

Lookout Trail • December 2016

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A person portaging a canoe through an autumn forest in Algonquin Park. This is what is all about - Algonquin Park. Not so much the canoe or the person underneath it, but why Algonquin Park means so much to so many and to share our passion and thoughts about such a fantastic place that Algonquin Park is.

There is so much more to learn and do with respects to Algonquin Park then just camping. Our forum is the place to learn and discuss our experiences, and our hopes and dreams of Algonquin Park.

Some of the topics for discussion at include; canoe routes, fishing, camping, conservation, photography, forest ecology, wildlife and much more. First and foremost, the forums included within are private and not open to public browsing. This helps to keep the forum focused with members dedicated to constructive discussions from all walks of life. This also eliminates the hassle of moderation via rogue ‘anonymous’ posters and spam.

Our forum remains private & successful (There is no guest access). If you feel you have what it takes to contribute to You can submit a request to join via the ‘contact’ link. All applications will be given consideration and discussion among our membership before being approved or not.